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Issue 01: Democratizing food
Available NOW

What do we refer to when talking about food access? The first issue of FDzeeN has been guided, much like Food Design Nation as a whole, by its community. From documentation of events and virtual interventions to contributions submitted through a global open call, the opinions and ideas found in this magazine are collected from members across the world. Each brings their personal perspective and lived experience to the question brought forth in this issue:
How might we ensure access to safe & nutritious food for all?

Because we all need to.

The inaugural issue of Food Design Nation's periodical publication features contributions from 15+ designers, artists, creatives, and collaborators across 10 countries, embracing action-based conversations. This issue cultivates thematic collaboration among our global citizens to speculate change through tangible and creative solutions.


We are excited to present FDzeeN Issue 01 DEMOCRATIZING FOOD, aligned with the United Nation Food Systems Summit's Action Track 1 - Ensuring access to safe and nutritious food for all. This first issue represents the action and activity of Food Design Nation in its inaugural year, one of crisis, change, and community. 

You will find inside the magazine documentation of expert perspectives via panel talks, community dialogue through roundtable conversations, answers to our open call on access and democratization of food, and much more. These pieces give voice to our global community, and we hope their responses can guide and inspire further questioning, ideating and collaboration.

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Democratizing Food

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What's Included:

  • Physical copy of FDzeeN Issue 01

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June 2022.

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