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Issue N.01
Democratizing food

Heading 2

Because we all need to

The inaugural issue of Food Design Nation's periodical publication is here. Featuring contributions from 15+ designers, artists, creatives, and collaborators across 10 countries, FDzeeN strives to embrace action-based conversations. Each issue cultivates thematic collaboration among our global citizens to speculate change through tangible and creative solutions.

We are excited to present FDzeeN Issue 01 DEMOCRATIZING FOOD, aligned with the United Nation Food Systems Summit's Action Track 1 - Ensuring access to safe and nutritious food for all.


We are currently running a crowdfunding campaign that will allow us to print and distribute FDzeeN near you.

Extend your support and receive a copy of the inaugural issue of FDzeeN. Join Food Design Nation to engage with #foodchangers from around the globe.


Because we all need to.

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